Monday, July 16, 2012


Randy compares and contrasts.

It's true: some things, you can never get enough of.

Miss Red celebrates Bastille Day (with a little rule 5 action).

I am pleased to hear that Virginia is tying up the President's time and resources (plus, I still think he's going to lose here).

TimT whips out his trusty linguistic machete and cuts his way through a jungle of pronouns.

When Chesterton spoke about "the Democracy of the dead", I don't think this is what he had in mind.

There's nothing wrong with the Obama regime that a little message finessing won't cure.

Seriously, all Barry has left is fear-mongering and pandering.

You thought your successful business was the result of your own inspiration and hard work? C'mon, don't be so naive!.

My, grandma, what big, er, eyes you have.

Once again, let us all heave a huge sigh of relief that the 70s are long gone.

George Lopez - a "comedian" who's idea of a big joke was to dump his wife after she donated a kidney to him - doesn't seem to like Romney.


rinardman said...

Assortment comments

Randy's photo becomes poignant when you realize those little girls are the ones who will pay the most for Obama's reign of incompetance.

The "Rule 5" from Miss Red has no attribution, so can we assume it's a self-portrait? Really? How ya doin', Miss Red. I'm rinardman, nice to meet ya!

It seems that Barry has the dead dog voting block sewn up. They're still working on the late cat demographic.

Google "storyteller-in-chief". You'll never guess who shows up.

Re:'70s fashion. If you think the fashions looked "gay", I would suggest you take a look at the designers. The closet door started to open.

mojo said...

Barry and his crew are so crooked they're generating second-order scammage.

Marica said...

Well, dang! Thanks, for the link, Paco.

Marica said...

Well, dang! Thanks, for the link, Paco.

Minicapt said...


missred said...

thanks for the linko, Paco *kisskiss*

missred said...

really rinardman, I would love to take credit for that beautiful woman, but she is the great and only Bardot
(plus I am a redhead!)