Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Citizens vs. incumbents

As many people have pointed out, the issue is not just Republicans vs. Democrats, or right vs. left. A political class based on something like permanent incumbency, in which elected officials of both major parties gang up with special interest groups to fleece the taxpayer, is also inimical to individual freedom and initiative.

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator talks about the citizens’ uprising in Pennsylvania.
The former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is in jail.

He shares a cell with -- a former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

One is a Democrat. One is a Republican.

Nothing like a bipartisan jail cell. And these two -- Democrat Bill DeWeese and Republican John Perzel -- are not the only Pennsylvania legislators to be either now in the hoosegow or on their way, fresh convictions in hand.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is in trouble. And Pennsylvania's capitalists are in open revolt.

Specifically, they are banding together under the banner of a group they are calling the Citizen's Alliance for Pennsylvania -- CAP. (CAP's website can be found here.) And CAP is now roaming the state with all the subtlety of Allied forces storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.


rinardman said...

Term limits.

Or, at a minimum, no term starts after age 65.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...rinardman, term limits are a start, but then they are allowed to switch chambers, or they go to the local or assembly seat, which mean the agenda is furthered.

There seems to be a movement against Republicans by Republicans and well, just about everybody. While there are things that we wish they would do (or not do), they are not the party of Marxism, anti-life, anti-Constitution (free speech, gun rights, etc). It is easy to lose focus of the things that one does right. At this monumental point in history, we have to keep our eye on the ball. Don't give bad behavior a pass, but don't savage the lot for the bad of a few.