Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

May the spirit of liberty that led to the great event we celebrate today continue to animate our words and deeds as we approach that vitally important day of decision in November. Down with the nanarchy!


RebeccaH said...


JeffS said...

Happy 4th, everyone!

SwampWoman said...

How are the 4th of July celebrations in y'all's neck of the woods?

There are usually flags and decorations all over in my neck of the woods but this year there's *nothing*. A few of the businesses are decorated. Most businesses can't afford the extra expenditure, I imagine. We rode around a (formerly) prosperous resort area today. The beach was crowded but half the business buildings sat vacant.

Maybe my area is an aberration, and the rest of the country is out celebrating up a storm. Y'all let me know how it's going where y'all are.

JeffS said...

Pretty active celebrations here in SE Washington, Swampie. The fair in the park was well attended, flags were everywhere, and lots of fireworks.