Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday movie

Action on the eastern front, from Cross of Iron.


Nashville Beat said...

I think "Cross of Iron" ranks right up there with "Paths of Glory." and "Hamburger Hill" (and maybe the mini-series "Band of Brothers") for capturing the unique camaraderie that arises among men in combat. It also showcases the sometimes bitter cynicism that is bred in such environments. Watch the credits roll until the very end when Steiner finally stops laughing at the absurdity of war and sort of sighs his final comment.

Paco said...

Nash: I haven't seen the movie, but I have read the book, which was excellent.

JeffS said...

"Cross of Iron" is excellent -- although I never thought Steiner sighed his comment. Heh!

That scene is also a classic example of the idiocy of sending tanks against infantry without support. All the years I trained to blow those suckers up, I never thought about throwing landmines on top of the treads, and let the tank roll along to it's self-destruction.

The Wehrmacht had really good troops, even if they couldn't stand the Nazi Germany; they fought like demons.