Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama's getting pummeled

And so is his lap dog, MSNBC (which is an acronym for Monomaniacally Sustaining and Nurturing Barry's Career).
The scandals of the Obama administration seem to be hurting not just the White House but MSNBC as well while Fox News Channel scored its second-best week of the year. After double-digit gains during last year’s presidential election, May 13-17 saw the progressive-aligned “Lean Forward” news network hit new lows as the IRS scandal erupted and revelations that the Justice Department secretly obtained AP records became public.
"Lean forward", indeed.

"C'mon, boy, let me hear yew squeal lack Chris Mathyooz!"


rinardman said...

Wow, advertisers must be beating MSLSD's door down, wanting to reach their vast audience.

Or, maybe that should be "daft" audience.

RebeccaH said...

I'm supposed to care, why?

Spiny Norman said...

You're not supposed to care, you're supposed to laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh at the epic, colossal fail of the smarmy, pretentious assholes at MSDNC.