Friday, May 31, 2013

Gun…sell-back program?

Illinois, of course.
A police department in the Chicago suburbs said some of the guns obtained from a buyback program will be sold to a pair of licensed dealers.

St. Charles Police Chief James Lamkin said about 20 firearms obtained through a gun buyback program and seized by courts will be sold to the dealers, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

"There's value in these guns," Lamkin said. "They're not illegal guns. Quite honestly, it's a bottom line for us."
Ok, so, do-good nitwit, inflated with a sense of his own moral superiority, sells grandpa’s antique L.C. Smith shotgun to the police for pennies on the dollar; police resell to gun dealer – presumably making a profit (from which the taxpayers are unlikely to ever benefit) – dealer sells to, say, nitwit’s neighbor, also banking a profit; nitwit visits neighbor and sees his grandpa’s gun hanging on the wall, says, “Gawrsh, Mickey, I used to have one just like that! Those things are dangerous, you know; might want to do one of those gun buyback things, like I did.” And the great Cycle of Stupid continues.


Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Los Angeles Police pay with grocery store gift cards. Beer and liquor sales probably go up after the turn-in. Dude.

RebeccaH said...

Well, it's all Bush's fault. The sequester n' stuff, y'know.

John A said...

Well, some people do no research but just "sell" their stuff during these drives. At least they don`t just leave it on the curb on trash day.

Not just guns: when my grandfather died, his widow just threw out his workbench and everything else from his shop. He was a jeweler. At least one uncle was outraged she had not offered the stuff to the family. Not least because one of the things on that bench was a jar full of [small] gem-quality diamonds...

OTOH, at least this will rescue some goods, possibly including rarities and antiques. This is a GOOD thing, albeit I would rather do as Arizona has done and legislated that otherwise-legal "buy-back" or surrendered weapons must be sold at public auction rather than destroyed out-of-hand, even if some go for below-scrap-metal prices.

jonah said...

I'd like to see a detailed list of
who and what and why.