Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smoke Bomb Barry

I believe R. Emmett Tyrrell is right:
Where are we now in this morass of Obama Administration scandals? We have the Associated Press imbroglio. We have the Benghazi imbroglio. We have the IRS imbroglio. Well, a synonym for imbroglio is confusion, and in all the above cases replace the word “imbroglio” with the word “confusion” and you will get a hint of where I am going. We have one massive cloud of confusion, and that is exactly what this embattled Administration wants, confusion. They think that if an event can be brought to confusion, at some point the journalists and the general public will throw up their hands and agree that it is just too difficult to penetrate. Perhaps the Nixon Administration was hoping for such an outcome back in 1972.
I’m not sure the preshizzle can create a sufficient quantity of smoke to mask the sins of his regime without burning down his administration – but he’ll try, lordie, but how he’ll try! And who knows? With a boost from his media fifth column, he might just get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 said:

As Dennis Miller pointed out, the media is in an abusive relationship with Obama. I think most of the apparent confusion in reporting the scandals is a result of that.

It is the press that is confused by a love relationship gone bad. "But we did everything he wanted....."

Paco said...

Perfect analogy.

RebeccaH said...

And in the meantime, with the help of our Republican sellouts, they pass the newest shamnesty bill.