Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday funnies

The perils of pocket dialing.

Spain has designed and built a new submarine. There’s just one little problem…

Australian celebrates 110th birthday by eating a cake made of dead chickens.

How about Northern Pacovia?

From the Department of Weird, But True.

In the age of Obamanomics, you must seize job opportunities where you find them.

Time for another episode of Prometheus and Bob:


SwampWoman said...

I kinda like the professional staring gig. We could do specialties, like gazing adoringly, gazing approvingly, gazing jealously, gazing with disapproval, acute disapproval, and death stare.

Vocals such as "oooooooh!" "Aaaaaaaah!" and "My friends sons went to medical school and are doctors and can buy their mothers expensive houses, but you, noooo, you wanted to study interpretive dance."

SwampWoman said...

Ooops. Cut my last paragraph off. Approving monosyllabic vocals are $5. Shaming vocals are free. Turning OFF the nagging mother-type vocals can be purchased by the nagging victim for $100 per each professional nagger hired. Thereafter, they can only glare in fury.

mojo said...

I like "Vulcania"...