Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Good news and bad news on Jon Corzine: the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is about to bring civil charges against the Democrat Fat Cat, but the likelihood of criminal charges is looking more and more remote (darn those “porous risk controls” for which nobody is to blame!)

In the middle of all the scandals, Obama still finds time to nurture his statist impulses as he plans to extend the reach of the bureaucracy using the pretext of climate change.

Some sober ruminations on the metastasis of the idea of collectivism over at Classic Liberal.

The stitches may be coming loose in the Australian Labor Party, but PM Julia Gillard will be getting around to that little problem just as soon as she finishes knitting a woolen kangaroo.

Democrats are clueless about personal budgeting, so it’s no surprise that they’re grossly incompetent to serve as stewards of the national budget. Sooper Mexican explains (H/T to Kevin at 36 Chambers, who has some additional choice comments on the topic).

Connecticut gun manufacturer votes with its feet (H/T: Mr. G).

Victor Davis Hanson provides a comprehensive and clear critique of the immigration bill.

Barack Obama never wanted to be president so much as simply play one on television. Governing, it turns out, is actually pretty hard, and failing at that task, particularly on matters of national security, is ominous, as well as embarrassing.

Obama gets some helpful tax advice.

Swampie’s “Funeral Friday”

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bruce said...

'Abusive AND incompetent...': Kafka mapped out this territory for us. I think it's what Hannah Arendt meant by the 'banality of evil' (although that observation shouldn't be in a book about Eichmann...)