Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday funnies

Never thought of that one: "Driver says he was speeding so he could dry car".

A new twist on "Dogs Playing Poker".

As Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke continues his forlorn march into the jungle of economic doom, don't be surprised if we wind up with some alternatives to the U.S. dollar and other so-called hard currencies. Like, maybe, potato mashers or squirrel pelts.

A small-time Labour politician in the UK claims that he fathered a child on an extraterrestrial alien known as the Cat Queen.

Jim Treacher proposes a new Sesame Street character.

One of my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons, filled with hot swing music, zoot suits and jive talk (directed by Hanna and Barbera for MGM during the golden age of cartoons).


RebeccaH said...

So, that Brit pollie had a kid with an alien called the Cat Queen. I'm beginning to think Barack Obama's mom might have had a few more liaisons we don't know about. It would certainly explain him.

rinardman said...

It would certainly explain him.

I assume you're speaking of his gazillion IQ, which makes him the universally recognized "smartest man in the room".

Minicapt said...

.. akin to Thomas Jefferson dining alone?


bruce said...

The Cat Queen guy made me smile. There are illnesses where people actually see such things, and others where they just become fantastic story-tellers. I met one of the latter who seemed to be telling a great yarn till he got to the bit about the submarine under his house with which he communicates with world leaders. I think they just call them Fabulists.