Saturday, June 29, 2013

The increasing, and ominous, aggressiveness of law enforcement

First there was the kid in the NRA shirt, then the young man who told a tasteless joke online, and now a college student jumped by ABC officers who mistakenly thought that the water she had purchased was beer.

With all the shootings in places like "gun-free" Chicago, and drug-related violence everywhere, and sexual predators wandering around committing their horrors, and bolder and more frequent home invasions, don't you guys have something better to do? This is all starting to look like the path-of-least-resistance law enforcement common to decaying societies like that of the UK, where it's just easier to harass non-violent citizens who run up against nuisance laws (and, frequently, the erroneous interpretation of such laws by the police) than to tackle genuine bad guys.

An endless proliferation of laws will ultimately turn us all into criminals.


TOTWTYTR said...

It's like the situation in Formerly Great Britain. It's too hard and too politically dangerous to arrest violent criminals, so to prove that they are effective, cops are arresting people that are less likely to know the system.

Note that a lot of these people are white. That helps to even out the stats as well.

Richard McEnroe said...

As long as the 'authorities' are busy bulking up their. statistics it really doesn't matter to them what they bulk them up with.

Paco said...

As a concerned citizen, I guess I ought to turn myself in (I'm sure, by now, I must have done something).

RebeccaH said...

It scares me that they might know something we don't know.

bruce said...

Ignorance of the Law? That's against the Law.