Sunday, June 23, 2013

These guys are the real one percent

And, hey, many, if not most, are "progressives" - not only in the sense of making big donations to Obama, other individual Democrats, and Democratic PACs*, but in the nasty, arrogant way they want to keep regular folks off of public beaches.
For years, multimillionaires have been bullying beachgoers in Malibu, Calif., trying hard to keep them away from the pristine—and public—sand and surf.

The sneaky homeowners have used orange cones, phony no-trespassing signs, security guards and fake garage doors to prevent regular folks from accessing the beachfront.
*Democrat fat cats living on Malibu Beach include Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen of DreamWorks, Eli Broad of SunAmerica, and Haim Saban of Saban Capital Group. A few minutes work at indicates that the aforementioned were all big supporters of various Democrat politicians and groups. There's nothing to indicate that the individuals listed above are the ones who have engaged in the dirty tricks mentioned in the linked article (although Geffen did take legal action - unsuccessful, as it turned out - to prevent opening a public walkway near his place); nonetheless, I find the picture of liberal billionaires at home responding with sniffish disdain to the frolicking of humble pleasure-seekers on nearby public beaches to be rather priceless ("Can't have the common people pissing in our sandbox, what?").


Anonymous said...

"Can't have the common people pissing in our sandbox, what?"

And it's not just the fish who pee in the water, you know.


RebeccaH said...

I noticed there were spots on the beaches of Destin, FL with no trespassing signs (and large houses behind), but those beaches are also lined with resort hotels, and the hoteliers say no one can keep you off the beach.

Robert Jesionowski said...

Socialism is just another return to the good ol' days of Feudalism. Our betters will take good care of us sheep.