Monday, July 8, 2013


The comic antecedents of this latest example of a very peculiar geophysical phenomenon are lost in the dusty archives of Tim Blair's old blog; but insiders will smile in the knowledge that Wronwright is still at large (H/T: Mark):
Six billion tonnes of water vanishes from underground Antarctic lake — leaves behind city-sized ice crater


Spiny Norman said...


Being a mysterious supervillain must be far more interesting than posting witty commentary on some mere internet website.

Michael Lonie said...

We really must recover the TARDIS from Wronwright. At this rate, he's going to give supersecret, international conspiracies to dominate the world a bad name.

Just WHY does he want all those lakes, and WHAT does he do with the water?

Spiny Norman said...

Trying to corner the market, Micheal?

What fiendish plot does he have planned???

Paco said...

I'm thinking that he's buying up land in Arizona cheap, and he's going to suddenly turn it into beach-front property.

Minicapt said...

Once he gets a useful batch of mead, he'll want to water it down.


RebeccaH said...

The locals have never gotten over that lake he stole from Russia. If he's using it all to make mead, he ought to have a warehouse full by now, and he hasn't shared any of it, stingy bastiche.

mojo said...

He sold it to the "Martians" (actually transplanted humans), uptime about 20 centuries.

Anonymous said...

It's a mystery. We know why he nicked the Tardis: Sumerian mead, trilobites and lakes.

Sumerian mead and sauteed trilobites explains two outta three - but the lakes are a puzzle. There's no world-wide shortage of quinine or gin (best government research grant I ever got!), so he's not making tonic water with it.

And he was heard muttering darkly about Lake Missoula at one point.