Monday, July 29, 2013


The food preparation subsidiary of Paco Enterprises – Mission: Digestible, LLC – invites investors to consider buying into our new franchise, McCow-Stem-Cell’s. The goal is to take full commercial advantage of the revolutionary new beef produced from bovine stem cells.
The raw meat is said to be grey with a slippery texture similar to squid or scallop.
[Hmmm…Better make sure we have great fries]


Michael Lonie said...

When McDanold's fries were good it was because they were fried in beef tallow. Maybe you could use some of those stem cells to make artificial tallow for Pacofries.

Paco said...

Hey, it's science. How bad could they be?

RebeccaH said...

It's not that I have anything against squid or scallops (they're quite yummy in their own way), but when I want beef, I want beef that looks and tastes like beef, with beef texture. And I don't want a burger that costs $250,000.