Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Faith, but I would like to go!

The Irish Redhead convention is being held this weekend, and it sounds like it ought to be a blast (if our own Miss Red went, I’m sure she’d take a prize).

I have always had brown hair, but when I was younger there were a few red/gold highlights, and my beard (Och, but the auld days are gone forivver!) was a nice auburn color. The last time I grew one, it was sadly more reminiscent of a pinto pony (some auburn with an unsettling amount of white), so I’ve put the thing in mothballs, so to speak (at least until I retire; then I’m seriously considering going all Duck Dynasty).


RebeccaH said...

The hair of my youth was almost-black with red highlights, so there's not much chance I'd ever be accepted at a ginger convention. besides, it's almost snow white now, what's left of it. But i do have the Olde Irish navy-blue eyes (what some called "violet" when it came to Elizabeth Taylor, which is absolute bushwa, nobody ever had "violet" eyes).

Just go and crash the party, Paco. Offer to buy a round of bitters, and they'll welcome you like a long-lost brother.

JeffS said...

I'm not a ginger, but Dad was. So I guess I'm an honorary member.

Anonymous said...

Deborah .... What does Mrs. Paco say about a) the pinto, b) how you look in overhalls, and c) attending the convention? There are women who find white hair attractive. I do. If Mrs. P sanctions the outing, then have a great time!

SwampWoman said...

Auburn hair in my youth, blue-green eyes, light freckling, but, alas, the red hair color has faded to a weird dark color interspersed with silver highlights.

My lil' brother had red/blonde hair and bright red beard but, alas, that too has faded.

Guess we won't be going, either.

mojo said...

The Gilgamesh gene lives on.

missred said...

Thanks, Paco, for the prize!