Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Islamic justice

In this case, as in many, the juxtaposition of the two words is obscene. A Christian woman in Pakistan is sentenced to death for drinking water from a Muslim well.

Benjamin Brophy at the American Spectator has a useful suggestion:
Simply put, we should cut down the amount of foreign aid we send to Pakistan for as long as they allow persecution of any religious minority. The $1.7 billion in undistributed 2013 funds (according to the State Department) would be a good place to start, though this amount barely puts a dent in the nearly $23 billion we have committed to supplying.

Religious freedom and right of conscience are values that America has propagated since its inception. How can we continue to spend lavishly on a country that turns its back on such basic rights? What is the point of joining forces to fight terrorism when our ally continues to align with our enemies on questions of basic human dignity? Governments who stand idly by while people of faith are persecuted, beaten, and killed are not our friends. Pakistan goes beyond this by sanctioning such tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Deborah .... Islam is the only "religion" with such barbaric notions. It is, also, the only one who condemns someone to death for leaving. Kindof like a gang.

It's probably too late for this poor Christian, but if not, wonder who step in to rescue? Not Obama. He won't lift a finger for a Christian. Now if it were a Muslim....

rinardman said...

I've wondered for awhile why progressives seem to accept Muslim atrocities, like this, but have little tolerance of religion in general, and Christians specifically.

As I read this, it occured to me, maybe it's the old "the enemy of my enemy..."

I would love to see a bunch of progressives forced to live under sharia law. I wonder how well their vaunty "tolerance" would serve them?

Michael Lonie said...

How do you say "Jim Crow" in Urdu?

Every time you see news of an attack by Muslims on other religions in Muslim majority countries, "Jim Crow" and "lynching" should come to mind. That's what it is, a lynching to keep uppity kuffars in
their proper place.

Michael Lonie said...

Bugging out of Afghanistan, as Obama proposes to do soon, will have one advantage. We will no longer require good relations with Pakistan to safeguard the supply route to our forces there. Cut them off completely and improve our relationship with India. India is an up-and-coming power, Pakistan is a cesspool.