Monday, August 12, 2013

Smart power

As in, “Ouch, that smarts!


Michael Lonie said...

I see both Ted Koppel and the commenters at Hot Air are still under the delusion that the Iraq Campaign was not a strike in the War Against the Jihadists. Twits.

JeffS said...

We made three mistakes in Iraq:

First, we stopped short of Baghdad in Desert Storm. We should have stormed the Water Palace, and thrown Saddam to the mobs

Second, when we finally invaded in a proper fashion, we didn't have a plan to occupy Iraq; we ignored our enemies all sides. We had such contingency plans on the shelf. They were ignored in favor of a "kinder, gentler" approach that appeased the commies in Congress at the time (e.g., Ted Kennedy). We let the terrorists walk in and start terrorizing.

Third, we treated the Iraqis like they had grown up in a First World nation. WRONG! Some were so inclined. But the majority lived and breathed Third World. Or worse. We gave them technology and infrastructure they simply weren't ready to handle. Our nation building aimed to high.

All of which adds up to Iraq being the basket case it is today.