Friday, August 23, 2013

Wait. What?

The Obama administration is working with Mexico to help that country beef up security on its southern border?!?

So, border security is important in some cases; just not where it impedes the acquisition by the U.S. of millions of new Democrat voters. Got it.


Anonymous said...

Deborah ....Obama probably thought it was New Mexico. Nah. Probably just another voter push. Any bets on which cartel will get the funds?

Meanwhile back at the.... There will be no new Border Patrol agents until he's gone.

bruce said...

I'm starting to think that modern education consists of learning the double standards the world is supposed to be judged by. It's hard to learn, because it's never said openly, and those who think they've mastered it consider themselves clever. Mostly you have to learn the deeper meanings of seemingly simple words, like 'equality', and 'science' etc, and how the meaning changes according to who's saying them.

RebeccaH said...

The one upside to this is that illegal aliens from the Latin American countries farther south will have to find another way to get here. But they had a hard time coming through Mexico anyway, because Mexico, unlike the U.S., actually thinks it has a right to police its borders.

Jonah said...

Bruce...George Lakoff gets some credit for twisting language although I suspect the concept goes back further than him.