Monday, September 23, 2013


Joshua Shnayer at The American Spectator puts on his hazmat suit and wades into Clinton World, with amusing results.
The former first lady and secretary of state described some of the pleasures that she and Bill have been able to enjoy since her departure from the Obama administration. “[W]e laugh at our dogs; we watch stupid movies; we take long walks; we go for a swim,” Hillary says. She often has an opportunity to “[let] loose one of her loud, head-tilted-back laughs” and keep “doin’ what we’re doin.’”

And if that image isn’t ghastly enough, Hagan describes Clinton as experiencing a kind of “weightlessness,” “midair, launched from the State Department toward … what?” The thought of Hillary Clinton floating through space with the ponderous strains of the Blue Danube Waltz playing—a kind of homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey—must be terrifying to most readers.
Indeed. A Hillary Clinton administration would represent a crazy-quilt combination of Huey Long, the Cosa Nostra, Animal Farm, Animal House, old Jerry Springer episodes, Peronism and the Snopes family, creating one phantasmagorical news cycle after another, for years on end, the whole gaudy circus blinding the country to the fact that, every day, we would be poorer, weaker and less free than the day before. And if the Great American Experiment perishes after a sustained orgy of Clintonian corruption, power-lust and peep-show socialism we will probably not even have the solace of seeing our society expire with the dignified trappings of classical tragedy; the country will simply topple off the stage in the vulgar tradition of low comedy.


bruce said...

"And now, my beauties, something with poison in it, I think. With poyyyyyson in it... hahahahahahaa!"

RebeccaH said...

And, once again, Hillary lies through her teeth. Is there anybody in America ... anybody ... who believes the Queen of the Damned is just kicking back enjoying her retirement?

Anonymous said...

Over from Camp of the Saints.

I read the image of Hillary floating in midair and flashed on Baron Harkonnen in Dune: You're welcome.



Michael Lonie said...

Will Chelsea be her running mate, or will she be up for a Cabinet post? After Hillary it's her turn, after all, so they need to find a way to train the Princess.