Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jabba the Hutt unmasks himself as a radical supporter of gun control

Oops, sorry. It's actually "Associate Professor" David Guth. The photo had me fooled there for a minute.


rinardman said...

No, really. I saw an interview, he was sitting in (or over) his office chair.

All he needed was Princess Leia by his side.

Michael Lonie said...

These mass murderers are all crazy, and generally the guns they use are ones they acquired illegally. Deinstitutionalization, the policy of letting insane people wander about on the streets listening to the voices they hear on their fillings, is primarily a policy advocated by liberals, who decided long ago that insanity was simply a lifestyle choice (a considerable number of libertarians seem to share that opinion). The lib/left's answer to the problem is to oppress law-abiding people, like NRA members, because that is the lib/left's answer to every problem they perceive (whether or not it actually exists). How about revving up mental hospitals and making it easier to commit insane people to them? No way, say the clowns screaming for more futile gun control measures. I guess that wold be mean-spirited, or something.

I was tempted to say that the exception to all the mass murderers being insane were the jihadist mass murderers, but on second thought I'd have to describe them as insane too. It occurrred to me the other day that a Christian martyr is one who dies at the hands of non-Christians for his faith. A Muslim martyr (shaheed) is one who dies in the course of killing non-Muslims for their faith.

RebeccaH said...

If the good professor painted his face and put on an orange wig, he'd look just like John Wayne Gacy.

Paco said...

You're right!