Friday, September 27, 2013

Leftist mayoral candidate thinks the NYT is mean for reminding people that he has always been a leftist

Ah, New York, New York…
“I thought the story clearly could have been more balanced and I thought the particular use of terminologies–I found it surprising, let’s just put it that way,” responded, Mr. de Blasio, likely referring to the paper’s mention that he had described himself back in 1990 as an advocate of “democratic socialism.”


“I think that article didn’t fully represent what I feel except for one passage,” he said, “that very accurately noted that one part of me is a New Deal Democrat–just an updated version of it–one part of me is probably similar to a European Social Democrat, and I’m also very deeply influenced by liberation theology, which I learned a lot about in the years I worked on Latin America.”
So, philosophically, he’s two parts foreign socialist and one part American socialist. Not sure I understand his beef against the Times.

How long before Detroiters start sending care packages to the Big Apple? Might be a while, yet, but if New Yorkers elect this knee-jerk, parlor socialist they’re sure not casting a vote for a rosy economic future.


rinardman said...

An "advocate of democratic socialism"...who wants to be elected Lord Mayor of NYC.

RebeccaH said...

"How dare you call me a communist!" said the communist.

Anonymous said...

Deborah .... Hey Mr. Blahblah, you're a socialist. Nuf said. Take it back to the jungles, or whichever socialist/Communist Utopia you would prefer.

Michael Lonie said...

Liberation theology = Communism.

Therefore, he is by his own admission a communist.


As for the "democratic socialism" how's that working our in places like Greece?

Here is the crux, and what New Yorkers should pay attention to. Socialism causes poverty and crime. The more socialism you have, the more poverty and crime you will have. If you want poverty and crime, vote Blasio.

But after 20 years of Giuliani and Bloomberg and their successful fight against crime, New Yorkers are probably complacent and looking for somebody who'll hand out goodies paid for by "the rich(TM)." They'll never wonder who will pay once they've driven all "the rich(TM)" out of the city. Take a look at Detroit guys, that's your future with the Dems.