Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The Master of Distraction comes off a bad couple of weeks bungling the Syria question, briefly pivots to the economy (trashing Republicans while a mad killer massacres people at the Navy Yard), zigs to ObamaCare (Americans are wrong in their assessment, the president says), and now zags to immigration.

Shameless, clueless, feckless…what is that word the Brits use? Ah, yes…gormless.

I recollect a rather chilling scene from the 1941 movie, The Devil and Daniel Webster, in which Old Nick (played by Walter Huston) withdraws from his vest pocket a man’s soul he has taken in return for favors rendered; it is a thing about the size and shape of a moth. I suspect that Barry’s vital force is something along the same lines. A small man in a big job, the former trying to cut the latter down to his size. An arrogant little Procrustes hacking at the greatness of the nation in order to fit our country into his myopic vision of the future.

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