Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sensitivity training

Not just for humans, anymore:
A sexist gorilla has been evicted from a zoo in Dallas, and he will now be forced to undergo therapy to address his behaviour.

Patrick, the name of the gorilla, apparently sneered at various female gorillas and then also bit one of them too.


rinardman said...

At the risk of being forced to undergo therapy to address my behaviour, did they even consider that it may be the female apes causing the male to act like a....ass?

Ummm yes, I am a lifelong bachelor...why do you ask?

RebeccaH said...

Have they ever considered that the gorilla is gay?

Anonymous said...

Deborah .... Here's a thought. Perhaps the gorilla is only acting like a gorilla.

It seems that Patrick is perfectly suited to run as a Democrat candidate.

OT sortof. In the '70s the Tucson Zoo had a monkey named Rocco, who loved to shock visitors. He would...uh, "pleasure" himself. He liked throwing feces, beating the females (one in particular), and running up to a visitor to show his posterior, then showing off his fangs as if in a laugh. These were the traits of captive primates.

rinardman said...

These were the traits of captive primates.

One can only imagine what a human would do, if put on display in a cage in a zoo.

Michael Lonie said...

When I clicked on the link I fully expected to see a page from The Onion.

The world has become impossible to satirize.

Jonah said...

So that's what I was doing when I was squishing sexist black widow spiders. Sensitivity training.