Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Up is down, light is dark….

…smart power is cluelessness: “Russian Parliament gloats as Putin checkmates Obama over Syria”.

So, not only does Obama wind up portraying himself as weak and vacillating, with his famous red line drawn in disappearing ink, he also manages to allow Russia’s would-be czar to pose (however cynically and insincerely) as a statesman and peacemaker – and the whole thing midwifed through a John Kerry gaffe!

Will Obama and his PR machine try to spin this episode as being part of the master plan? You bet they will.


Minicapt said...

They had to find a plan that Valerie and Michelle could support.


SwampWoman said...

The MSM tippytoes around like Obama is Kim Jong-Un and they're all former girlfriends.

rinardman said...

Wow! Obama & Biden are...like...some kind of super geniuses! They make plans that are so smart and clever that they don't even know themselves what they've done, till after they've done it.

How lucky are we, to have them ruining this country?

Steve Skubinna said...

Yup, Putin and the rest of those dolts are playing chess, while Obama's playing spades!

bruce said...

What SwampWoman said!