Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Compare and contrast

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently donned fire-fighting gear and joined over a thousand volunteers fighting the conflagration in NSW (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Obama skipped out during the Benghazi terror attack to attend a fundraiser. And no amount of bad economic news keeps him off the golf course (or his missus from taking expensive vacations).

I guess the expression “leading from behind” means hanging around the supply wagons when things get hot in the trenches.

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Gregoryno6 said...

A couple of Labor cretins have accused Abbott of using the fires as a publicity stunt.
These folks are reeeeaaaal slow to catch on... every time they criticise Abbott in public, they remind the voters of what a crap government THEY were for six years.
I give the Libs three or four terms in government - at least. Labor will be on the nose until the last dregs of the Circus of Ineptitude disappear. And the very last to go will probably be Rudd himself, still dreaming of a glorious return as someone finally does the decent thing and consigns him to a room with soft walls...