Thursday, October 31, 2013

I guess canonization can’t be far behind

It’s a miracle! An image of Hugo Chavez’s fat mug supposedly appeared on the wall of a subway tunnel. Current Venezuelan president and psychic reader, Nicolas Maduro, had this to say:
"So just as it appeared, it disappeared, so you can see … that Chavez is everywhere. We are all Chavez," Maduro added.
This is what happens when democracy lapses into infantilism. And, yes, it can happen here.

"A miraculous image of Chavez? R'lly?"


SwampWoman said...

Eeeeeeeew. Somebody better bleach those subway tunnels STAT.

bruce said...

Chavez appeared in the Underworld... am I supposed to be surprised? He probably came from there in the first place.

Steve Skubinna said...

What do you mean, it can happen here? Are you simply being coy? Or do you not acknowledge the blessing of the Lightworker and all His works?