Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama's own special cloud of unknowing

I would know about the spyin',
And Hillary Clinton's lyin',
And the unemployed's sad refrain,


I'd be smarter than Joe Biden,
In the polls I'd be high-ridin',
If I only had a brain...

I'd stop shipping guns to druggies,
Cut funding for electric buggies,
And plug the spending drain,


I'd hunt graft down like a ferret,
Why, I'd even fire Valerie Jarrett,
If I only had a brain...

I would build a better web site,
Hell, I'd scrap my health plan outright,
Illegal immigrants I'd restrain,


I'd send Eric Holder packing,
And support a lot more fracking,
If I only had a brain...


bruce said...

His Imperial Know-nothing-ness.

'I didn't do it!'

Merilyn said...

"I knew nothing about that subject matter", or "I didn't do it", seems to be the most common refrain from politicians world wide, when caught out.

Michael Lonie said...

I'm beginning to think that Obama watched too many episodes of Hogan's Heros as a kid. He has internalized Sergeant Schulz's matra.