Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The world turned upside down

“Chris Matthews Hosting Gala for Mental Health at JFK Library” (by the way, here's the latest example of Tingle-Pin's suitability for the role).

Obama had no idea that the roll-out of the implementation of the hallmark legislation of his first term was riddled with glitches (oh, and the marketing sucks, too; “Brosurance”, anyone?).

A key provision of ObamaCare may actually be against the law (which probably won’t impede, in any way, this imperial administration’s implementation of it).

“Smart” diplomacy continues its unbroken record of success.

Dear fellow citizens: Are you nuts?

Ok, how about Obama?

I used to think that Al Gore’s physical transformation into a sort of human Hindenberg was the result of excessive intake of carbohydrates, but I’m now leaning toward the view that he’s simply swollen with his own hypocrisy.

With the federal government, you always get less, er, bang for your buck: ”U.S. government-funded study involves paying Mexican prostitutes”.


JeffS said...

Apparently Obama bowing to the Saudi king wasn't good enough, huh?

Minicapt said...

Perhaps Al Gore is aspiring to be a more global citizen.


rinardman said...

...and set a course to advocate for future breakthroughs in the policies affecting those with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and addictions.

I've never heard that Chris Matthews has an addiction.

Jonah said...

I believe that JFK, for all his faults, would be embarrassed at what his name is being used for.

Jonah said...

Except maybe the Mexican prostitutes.

Paco said...


Agent 1574 said...

If the Administration is hiring Mexican hookers, using tax dollars, will their services be available to US citizens gratis? Is this part of Obamacare, or perhaps a new Mdeicare feature? Inquiring minds want to know.

I think the hookers would do well to require payment in gold rather than dollars.
Agent 1574 of the International Neocon Conspiracy(TM)