Monday, October 21, 2013

You could probably include everybody in this photo-op who has actually managed to sign up so far

“ObamaCare enrollees to join president in Rose Garden”.

Three more years of this ghastly regime, and nothing but the walking dead to oppose it:
Staggering, without direction, not quite dead and in search of brains, the Republican Party is giving a really good performance as the Zombie Party.
Republicans (the many who are still dozing) better wake up to the fact that Obama and the Democratic Party represent what Mark Levin refers to as an “existential threat” to America. And if people like McConnell and Boehner think Obama has been uncooperative up to now, wait until the elections in 2014 – you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. His goals are to shatter what remains of traditionalist America, and to permanently marginalize the GOP, and he’s receiving an alarming amount of help – unwitting for the most part but, in some cases, perhaps not – from the Republican establishment, which is rapidly beginning to resemble a collection of dusty marble busts in a crumbling temple of “pragmatism”.


rinardman said...

I think that was everybody who's managed to sign up for Oshitcare.

All twelve of them.

JeffS said...

I had a fund raising call recently from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. I'll be sending them a check so I can attach a letter explaining why I don't like the Republicans in the Senate, and how I will be giving much more directly to the ones that I do like.

Y'know, that's money I could use to buy ammunition. Or ice cream. I hope Priebus appreciates what I'm giving just so to point out the obvious.

Hey, I did the same thing with the National Republican Committee. I haven't had many calls from them of late.

Michael Lonie said...

I stopped sending them money. I can't afford to pour money down a rathole.

RebeccaH said...

I'll donate what little money I can when I see a candidate worth my time.

bruce said...

"Ich kann gar nicht so viel fressen, wie ich kotzen moechte: I can’t eat enough to puke as much as I want to."

- David Goldman on PJM today.

I don't always agree with Goldman, but this one's 'gold'.