Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crazy Ben’s Auto Sales and Quantitative Ease-A-Rama

From Zero Hedge:
At one point during the evening, when pressed about whether his Quantitative Easing program was good for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, [Fed chairman Ben Bernanke] flat out denied it, saying that such a premise is "simply not true".

He defended his printing $85 billion per month, suggesting that fixing interest rates at zero is beneficial for society because, among other things, it allows people to 'buy cars'.
”Beneficial for society”. Unless, I suppose, you’re retired and living on a fixed income and getting killed by artificially low returns on your interest-bearing investments, in which case you probably won’t be able to buy a car. Well, you retirees need to be walking more, anyhow. It’s good for you.

But if you really insist on getting some wheels, may I suggest the services of Premium Automotive Carriages Online? Check out this week’s special deal: a 1948 Packard sedan!

One legitimate owner - a little old lady who only drove the car on Sundays to take cigarettes to her son at the, um, license-plate factory. Interesting, er, two-tone paint job. Accelerates well going down hills. Will throw in new paper floor mats, cunningly designed to look just like sections of the Washington Post (Class!) Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of automotive history. Why, with a can of Turtle wax and a little elbow grease, she’ll look like this in no time at all…


RebeccaH said...

Interesting. But I've got an adult tricycle stored in the garage just in case (not that I can ride the darn thing more than ten feet).

rinardman said...

Check out this week’s special deal: a 1948 Packard sedan!

Sweet! But can I plug in my MP3 player?

Mojo said...

Easy credit available? ;)

I was the proud owner of a 48 Ford Fleetmaster at one point, a real tank, off the Sherman line. Straight 6 up front in an engine compartment that could have held a spare one and a back seat the size of Iowa.