Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday movie

The chase scene from The Naked City (1948).


Robert of Ottawa said...

Great scene, great Hats! Two and a half years ago, my dermatologist insisted, insisted I say, that I wear a hat.

Since then, I have become a lover of hats; 360 degree brim preferably. They are so rarely worn these days, that when I see someone else wearing a cool hat, passing in the street, I salute and congratulate them on the cool hat. After all, smart people wear hats.

OK Do I have a life?

Minicapt said...

Are you in Ottawa?
... no.


Paco said...


Yesterday evening as I was preparing to board the subway, the engineer (or driver, whatever they call them) called me over to the window of his cab and asked me where I get my hats (I happened to be wearing a nice, light gray fedora). Perfect strangers ask me all the time.

We can revive the fashion - I know we can!