Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The myth of Hillary Clinton’s inevitability

Frank Bruni – in the pages of the New York Times, yet! – shows why Hillary is not the unstoppable Canklenaut everybody seems to assume she is. A sample:
And what would the argument for a Hillary presidency be? Something interesting happens when you ask Democrats why her in 2016. They say that it’s time for a woman, that she’ll raise oodles of dough, that other potentially strong candidates won’t dare take her on. The answers are about the process more than the person or any vision she has for the country. There’s no poetry in them. That’s not good.
Well, there’s really not much of anything poetic about an ageing government functionary whose pursuit of power resembles nothing so much as a junkie trying to score his next meth hit.

Elsewhere, the obnoxiousness of Democrats, as a class, just keeps getting worse. Behold Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General, and as vile a specimen of self-seeking, corrupt political ladder-climber as I’ve seen in a while. As the article at the link shows, however, he may well have jumped the shark in taking on Donald Trump.


Michael Lonie said...

Wasn't Hillary supposed to be the "inevitable" candidate in 2008? How did that work out?

Unlike the Packs, the Jackasses seem to be able to avoid running candidates for President on the basis of "Buggins' Turn." Of course, that gets them incompetent crooks like Obama and Bubba, but hey they can always rely on the stupid vote and the fraudulent vote, now apparently the majority in the US of A. I swear, they could run Bozo the clown and they'd still get the votes of the gimme majority.

Oops, they did run Bozo in 2012. I rest my case.

Definition of "Buggins' Turm:"

Two British Army officers of the 1930s are discussing officer assignments they are tasked to make.

"Whom shall we give the Third Division to, Reggie?"

"Let's give it to old Buggins, Percy. It's his turn, and he's waited for it long enough, God knows."

TimT said...


Hillary must have known her best chance was two electoral cycles ago - hence the lengthy battle in the primaries between her and Obama. Oh, I can see how she could present herself as a 'competent' candidate next time round - it makes a good change from the the lazy-dazey dreamer in office at the moment. But that doesn't have the potency of 'hope' and 'change', does it.

Dunno what the Republicans strategy next Federal election is going to be though. Political change is a generational thing as much as something relying on an individual candidate, so I'll be fascinated to see how this all plays out in coming elections.

RebeccaH said...

Hillary's chances, whether she likes it or not, are kind of going to depend on how this Obamacare thing plays out. A whole lot of people have been shocked out of their complacency, shocked to the point of anger, I might add. The "woman" vote isn't going to matter much if most of the women are living on beans and weeners.

Steve Skubinna said...

Hillary has one handicap now that did not exist in 2008: Obama's baggage. She cannot claim clean hands in this incompetent and corrupt administration.