Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The song remains the same

George Neumayr at The American Spectator blows up the argument that “moderates” like Chris Christie are the key to Republican success at the national level. The short article is almost too good to excerpt, but I can’t resist nabbing this gem:
Like Schwarzenegger, Christie is a useful idiot for the Democrats—a needy, politically correct, ruling-class Republican who is trending liberal on everything from “climate change” to gay marriage to size-of-government issues. Christie loves the liberal limelight—a trait that will only intensify over time. The Democrats know a Trojan Horse when they see one.
Precisely. The successful defense of our constitutional liberties is not ensured simply by having a bunch of elected officials with an ‘R’ affixed to their names. Blue Republicans don’t do anything but enable constitutionalists to lose more slowly (if even that), and a GOP that merely competes with the Democratic Party in the herding and pillaging of the citizenry is worse than useless.


Anonymous said...


The RINOs who curry favor with the left wing (main stream) media are do the bidding of the Joe Bidens, if I may make the pun.

It is necessary for Conservatives to be conservative.

RebeccaH said...

I liked Christie when he stood up to the teachers' union in New Jersey, but he hasn't done a thing since then to make me trust him. And even though I knew he was doing it for his state after Sandy, I loathed watching him cuddle up to Barrack Obama.

JeffS said...

Christie is an opportunist, period. He affixes that "R" after his title only because he doesn't have a shot at President as a "D"' being a white male.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Exactly. Rinos are democrat useful idiots, if not willing accomplices.