Friday, December 20, 2013

Ducks vs. bucks

Here’s an interesting take on the Duck Dynasty controversy, which posits that the show “got away” from A&E.
This is what happened. The whole idea of the show was to parade these nouveau riche Christian hillbillies around so that we could laugh at them. "Look at them," we were supposed to say. "Look how backward they are! Look what they believe! Can you believe they really live this way and believe this stuff? See how they don't fit in? HAHAHA"

When the producers saw the way the show was shaping up, different than they envisioned it, they tried to change course. They tried to get the Robertson's to tone down their Christianity, but to their eternal credit they refused. They tried to add fake cussin' to the show by inserting bleeps where no cussword was uttered. At best, they wanted to make the Robertson's look like crass buffoons. At worst they wanted them to look like hypocrites.

They desperately wanted us to laugh at the Robertsons. Instead, we loved them.
In short, A&E was uncomfortable with the real Robertsons, and with the fact that the family values displayed on the show struck a responsive chord among millions of viewers. Nonetheless, all that money coming in sure was nice, so there was an uneasy truce, until Phil, the patriarch, said some things in an interview which, despite a certain coarseness of expression, represent a completely orthodox Christian outlook on human sexuality – and that’s when the political correctness hit the fan, and the bloodthirsty humanitarians of the Left started baying about “tolerance”, and bawling for Phil’s ouster from the show.

Unlike practically all bloggers out there writing on the topic, who invariably introduce their posts with the words, “I’ve never seen the show…”, I am a regular viewer, and I thoroughly enjoy it. It does not really follow the same pattern as other so-called “reality” programs; it is far more like a regular sit-com, and, although Duck Dynasty is obviously scripted, the cast members reveal an extraordinary amount of natural comedic talent which, blended with their sincere religious faith and unfeigned loyalty to family and friends, portrays a world that is simple, yet delightful, and infinitely to be preferred to the cynical, oh-so-sophisticated, post-modernist hell depicted in the brain poison that constitutes so much of our TV fare.


rinardman said...

The best laid schemes of mice and idiots...

Steve Skubinna said...

It might not be this time, but there will come a point when the Tolerance Nazis overreach. Nobody appreciates thugs, goons and bullies.

I have nothing at all against gays. They can do whatever they like... but I'm one of those "two consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes" kind of hateful bigots, who apparently are worse than Hitler.

Right. I'm not the one goose stepping around, demanding kristallnacht against Chik-Fil-A, Barilla pasta, Orson Scott Card, and now Duck Dynasty. If that's your idea of tolerance you need to pull back before you get what you practice.

Steve at the Pub said...

(I'm too dumb to know how to put in a link)

It seems the President is a fan of "Duck Dynasty"

I'd never heard of the show until that link popped up in a discussion thread on another site.

Not sure I'll ever get to see it, but that link raises a few questions:

1/. What is "Duck Dynasty" (Since answered by my friend google)
2/. How does that chick who wrote it hold down such a prestigious job in journalism, when she can't write a few dozen words without a grammatical error?
3/. Is "Korie" a name for an actual person? If so, a boy or girl name? (I'm not sure I'd even name a dog with "Korie")
4/. People actually use cufflinks? If so, do they also wear a top hat & a cane?
5/. If a stranger was rude enough to approach me with "I need you to do [x]" I'd not be as rude back to them, but by crikey, they'd get a quick lesson in the English language!

Anonymous said...

Deborah ..... The Gays came out of the closet and now insist that everyone who disagrees with them go in. Honesty and Judeo-Christian values are foreign to the Gays and elites.

If A&E wants to get rid of the number one cash cow, then fine. I'll bet the offers to the Robertsons are coming in right now. There are more supporters than detractors as evidenced by over one million signatures on a petition in less than twenty-four hours, and merchandise flying off the shelves at Walmart. This isn't a Paula Seen moment either. Sponsors like Skyjacker Suspensions has stated if Dynasty goes so do they.

RebeccaH said...

Apparently nine out of the ten episodes for next season are already filmed. I suspect A&E will air those episodes (which include Phil), and by the time the tenth one comes around, the Intolerant Left will have moved on to another target.

But I could be wrong. Money used to be the prime motivator in entertainment. Now it seems to be ideology.

Btw, I don't watch regularly, but I have seen a few episodes and they are funny. The Robertsons remind me of some of my family, and I know they're having us all on.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I watched one episode on Youtube last night (maybe watch another after this posting) but found the humor so low-key, that I didn't laugh (and I am a Brit!).

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Cracker Barrel pulled all the Phil related merchandise. I spoke to a store manager who was completely empathetic when I said that we have many dining options. He said all they want to do is serve good food. He gave the corporate headquarter's number, and said to talk with Guest Relations.

The panel on one of the Fox money shows didn't get what Phil was saying, except for the host, Eric. Sad.

Wonder what the hateful Left would say about Jesus, if he were here today. Hater? Racist? Homophobic?