Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If nothing else, socialism sure produces a lot of hilarious, inadvertent symbolism

As President Maduro of Venezuela went on television to outline the latest steps he's preparing to take in order to consolidate socialism, the country was hit by major power outages.



JeffS said...

Oh, sabotage is certainly the cause for that power outage.

Just not sabotage of any power substation -- the commies have sabotaged the entire Venezuelan economy.

mojo said...

I doubt the peons have any shoes, wooden or otherwise, to toss into the gears...

Michael Lonie said...

Socialism causes poverty. The more socialism you have, the more impoveished you become. Except fo the guys at the top. Chavez died filthy rich, it appears, and Castro has been listed among the world's richest men for decades.

Socialism elevates to virtues the basest of the mortal sins: envy, covetousness, anger (at the people who have something you don't), and sloth ("as long as they pretend to pay us, we'll pretend to work" is an old Soviet joke)

You can see both the impoverishing effect and the encouragment of the sins in the policies and rhetoric of the Obama Administration. We can only hope that his well nigh incredible incompetence and that of his administration will turn off to statism and to socialism the vast majority of Americans, and that the next time someone comes by promising the sun, moon, and the stars that soembody else will pay for, the people will get out the tar and feathers.