Thursday, December 19, 2013

Take a walk with me now down memory lane...

Readers of Tim Blair's great independent blog will recollect Tim's many trenchant observations and witty comments concerning one Phillip Adams, a left-wing crackpot who looks a bit like Santa Claus's estranged ugly brother. Friend, commenter and blogger, Col. Milquetoast - who, I am reliably informed, resembles the dashing young Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - rekindles memories of the old coot with this post, in which the colonel captures Adams' apoplectic rage over the NRA (or, as Adams curiously refers to it, the "NRMA").

Phillip Adams: Your Sherpa guide to American terrorists.


Steve Skubinna said...

Like all serious doctrinaire lefties, Adams is all set to open a giant Costco sized barrel of whoop-ass on the US.

Well, not him personally. He has people to do that for him.

Okay, so maybe he doesn't, himself, actually have people to do that, but he's sure that there are, somewhere, legions of furious whoop-ass can openers poised to spring into action and set us all straight.

All right, Phil. Time and place? You bring PajamaBoy, I'll see if Sarah Palin can attend.

Anonymous said...

America: Still revolutionary after all these years.

RebeccaH said...

I like Steve Skubinna's challenge. Sarah won't even need her shotgun. A purse will do.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Ah Paco, I remember it well, or at least the headache in the morning. Your excellent sommelier, Wronwright, was serving the Sumerian Mead, after which I cannot recall.The jibes! The witticisms! The non-PC of it all.

Paco, there will always be Australia.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Thanks for the link Paco. You have always been like a second father to me and have consistently impressed me with your refined taste in both cars and movies. I still try to do some swashbuckling on the weekends.

There is some really classic material at pre-NewsCorp Tim Blair's old blogs. I'm surprised Phillip Adams could be employed as a writer for anything other than writing a menu. I think I might stroll down memory lane and browse those archives while every other blogger slows down for the holidays: