Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How about a little truth in labeling?

A reader at the Israelly Cool blog takes issue with a Palestinian promotional campaign (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).


RebeccaH said...

Notice they didn't make any of the women bundle up to the eyeballs in black wool. That's also a bit misleading, don't you think?

Isophorone said...

The story of these Palestinians throwing puppies over walls and killing them also really helped enhance their positive image!

bruce said...

Their attempts at lifting their image are also nothing new. They've always had these respectable looking scholars as touts out the front, and I do mean 'front'.

All except Yasser Arafat who looked like an unhygienic takeaway food fryer: I can see why his 'wife' lived thousands of miles away for most of the 'marriage'.

Minicapt said...

Yasser's best buddy: