Wednesday, April 2, 2014

About as believable as anything else this administration says

Did ObamaCare get its 7 million enrollees by the administration's self-imposed deadline? I think the answer is twofold: (1) Probably not, and (2), as Hillary would say, what difference does it make? Bryan Preston opines:
So today, the day after the same administration that has cooked the books on deportations, and cooked the books on unemployment, the same administration that lied about Fast and Furious, lied about Benghazi, lied about “green jobs,” lied about last week’s meeting with the Pope, and whose IRS abused the president’s critics — the leader of that administration touted “7.1 million sign-ups” for Obamacare.
Bryan continues:
But the most ghastly aspect of the president’s speech was its celebratory tone. This president stood in the Rose Garden in the lawn of the people’s house. He used force to coerce Americans into doing what he wants for the sake of politics and power. An American president should never celebrate taking freedoms away from Americans. This president has, and he is pleased with himself for doing it. He basks in the applause of those who celebrate with him, as if it’s an achievement to use the full force of government to impose yourself on others.
So whether the target was reached or not, we're clearly farther down the road to liberal fascism. Yay.


rinardman said...

But the most ghastly aspect of the president’s speech was its celebratory tone.

Hey, as inept and clueless as this administration is, they probably feel like this was a great accomplishment.

Even if they did make it up.

RebeccaH said...

Typical of the alternate reality Obama inhabits.

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Obama is fond of claiming the mantle of the likes of Lincoln and Kennedy, when in fact he has more in common with Pinnochio and Baron Munchausen.

Seven point one million, ya say? There's some nice swamp land with a famous bridge for sale. If you act fast we'll throw in a low maintenance security system. Chickens and small dogs not included.

The US population is estimated at 315 million. The reported sign-ups are paltry. Hopefully, this and the 3000 who marched in Albany against the SAFE Act are the beginning of the people defending their freedoms.

SwampWoman said...

Allegedly thousands were on hand signing up before the deadline here. A television news camera panned across the "crowd" which was a group of bored looking people in various stages of immobility. I concluded that those were probably the, er, navigators. "These people are rushing to enroll in insurance before having to pay a penalty!" was the information given.

Penalty? Oh, PLEASE. If any of those people pictured had an income, you can butter my butt and call me a biscuit.