Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday funnies

Russian imperialism is REALLY getting out of control.

Profiting from someone else's mistakes.

Paco Enterprises sniffs out an amazing export opportunity.

It seems to me that, even in today's anemic economy, there is a big need for experts in quality control.

Next time, dude, consider just hopping the fence.

Hey, what a coincidence: Russia's bullying of Ukraine is all because of a video.

A somewhat unique wedding venue.

Swampie's very interesting, er, savings account.

Wild man TimT shows why people don't go to the Easter Bunny for advice.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Frankly, as a student of history, if Putin doesn't start progroms or mass killings, then I see him as a smart operator, like him or not.

We all loved Kennedy when he said he would do something impractical, like putting a man on the moon within 9 years.

I suggest that maybe more American commentators and pundits should study Russian and Russian history.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Interestingly, the 1968 (I think) Treaty on Outer Space only prohibits ownership/control of the Moon, not other planets or stellar systems.

Of course, despite any Earthbound treaty, ownership goes with the monopoly of access. And the US is not in that game anymore.

BTW I have a copy of this treaty somewhere in my bookshelves. I'll dig it out.

Gregoryno6 said...

I've often wondered what the EB did for a living the other 364 days of the year.

Steve at the Pub said...

Jar of clean air eh? You've gotta actually go to the trouble of getting some clean air & bottling it.

Four years ago the British Legion released a recording (for the 11th of November) that was simply 2 minutes of silence.

Now some military legacy appeal (or somesuch) has gone one better and recorded one minute of silence (half the work of recording two whole minutes). The "recording" was apparently made while 80 servicemen were silent for a minute and is available for download at a cost of roughly $2.00

How will be know we are buying the genuine silence, and not a bootleg copy by Paco enterprises?

Paco said...

Steve: Paco Enterprises' silence is a just as good substitute.