Friday, May 9, 2014


Tom Rogan has a suggestion for dealing with Boko Haram: Hellfire ‘em.

Brent Budowsky continues to amuse. Last week he compared John Kerry to Winston Churchill; now he compares Hillary Clinton to Pope Francis and says she could carry 45 states.

What happens if you go “by the book” and the damned book is wrong? Mark Steyn on America’s increasingly trigger-happy cops (and, just in time, another “police shooting frenzy”).

Apparently, in Hollywood progressivism is something that only occurs in public, outside the home.

Now that’s what I call “settled science”.

Harry Reid, national embarrassment.

What the hell’s wrong with you, America? Why do you keep letting Obama down?

Leading climate scientist comes over to the dark side.

Oh for the day when we can beat our hashtags into ploughshares!


bruce said...

Scientist changes sides, cue sour grapes variations, 'He was never one of us, he was not on our level, he was always suspect, he isn't actually a (insert various 'authority' types)'

Gregoryn6 said...

Something else for the assortment:
Angry Young Man, 2014 edition.
Via davidthompson. Adjust the volume down before you start.
May be some language in there. But mostly it's just - well, find out for yourself.

Jonah said...

I saw on an episode of "Cops", I think, an officer proclaim that his highest priority was to arrive home safely after his shift. That struck me as odd when I heard it and I wondered why he didn't get a job at the post office.

I then imagined that officer coming across my sister trapped in a burning vehicle and yes, of course, that officer should turn his car around and slowly drive away, his safety belt fastened, his hands on the wheel at the ten o'clock and two o'clock positions,
observing the posted speed limit.

I find myself losing respect for police officers, and I don't want to.

rinardman said...

Someone needs to starts a hashtag disarmament movement, before things get out of control!

Minicapt said...

Buddy who suggests "Hellfire for Boko Haram" must be one of those fabled 'inside the Beltway' thinkers. A rather more modest proposal, albeit one with history behind it, would be "Hunting Teams", for a period of five years or so.