Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harry Reid drops the ball

Senile Senate majority leader Harry Reid blames the Koch brothers for climate change. But he has completely glided over all of the Koch's other nefarious deeds.


SwampWoman said...

I'm pretty sure the Koch brothers are responsible for the heavy rain and flooding in Florida that resulted in water moccasins swimming around in the front yard. Curse you, Koch brothers!

On the positive side to the heavy rain, apparently the county has decided to cheap out on fire protection to the point that any firefighting at our house will be confined to having the neighbors stand on the roof with a keg of beer so they can pee on the flames. Our taxes, however, will not be going down.

SwampWoman said...

Actually, I suppose our property taxes WILL be going down if the house burns down, but they might actually call it an improvement to the property and raise taxes.

/anyway, thanks for the rainy fire season, Koch brothers!

RebeccaH said...

I blame the Koch brothers for all the grass and dandelions that have taken over my flowerbeds. Now I'm going to have to dig and mulch, and that's their fault too.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I would like to blame the Koch brothers for my really bad lawns, but unfortunately I cannot; it was due to the McGuinty Liberals banning herbicides.

That's by way of an intro to the interesting fact that there is a Provincial election under way in the world's fulcrum of Ontario, Canada.

It's a razor edge election, with the current minority government probably being returned in exactly the same numbers, resulting in exactly the same government.

The Liberals (partly Socialist) are running against the PCs and the federal Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The Knee Dippers (totally Socialist) are running against their unions.

The "Progressive" Conservatives (only slightly Socialist) appear to be running against themselves.

Updates when anything happens :-)