Monday, May 19, 2014

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

And more than one way to attack our Second Amendment rights: “Gun retailers say the Obama administration is trying to put them out of business with regulations and investigations that bypass Congress and choke off their lines of credit, freeze their assets and prohibit online sales.” Given the resolute opposition to gun ownership demonstrated by this administration and the Democratic Party (not to mention certain billionaire former mayors), my advice is this: if you don’t own a gun, but have been thinking of getting one, or if you have guns and would like to add to your collection, do it now.

BTW, if you’re not already boycotting Bank of America and BankUnited (a smallish Miami-area institution that went bankrupt in a former corporate iteration, so there probably isn't anybody among my readers who do business with it), you might want to give the idea some thought.

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rinardman said...

I told a neighbor a long time ago that they won't ban guns, they'll regulate the manufacturers and dealers out of business.

If you've got'em, hold'em.