Thursday, June 12, 2014

More words of wisdom from the world’s merriest pessimist

Mark Steyn comments on the disastrous turn of events in the Middle East and reminds us of an uncomfortable truth:
Only a fundamentally unserious people would think the answer to the Obama Presidency is to follow it with the Rodham Presidency.

And yet 67 per cent of Americans regard Hillary as "a strong leader" - presumably for her success in "ending the war in Iraq" and "destroying al-Qaeda". Who needs Pravda when a free people are happy to live at this level of delusion?
Who, indeed? It’s difficult to escape the (hopefully tentative) conclusion that perhaps we, as a nation, have been weighed by history and found wanting, and that we will ultimately succumb to the vast tissue of lies and ignorance that constitutes the leftist contagion. As tragic as our decline is, though, I am even more dismayed by the fact that it is occurring under a regime run, not by diabolically clever geniuses, but by amoral idiots, aided and abetted by an utterly cloth-headed “opposition”. I fear the time is coming when those who value liberty will be so completely outnumbered by fanatics, parasites, poltroons and ignoramuses that the ballot box will no longer serve as a reliable defense against the machinations of the neo-fascists who speak of tolerance and dream of gulags and who - once insidiously, now openly - insinuate themselves and their ideas into all levels of society and into all of its institutions. And that is when democracy will have exhausted its usefulness, as far as I’m concerned. For me, the benchmark will always be personal freedom, not “majority rules”. Once the majority trades its birthright for a mess of pottage, it can go to the devil, with my compliments.


rinardman said...

When I look at the world these days....I'm glad I'm old.

I have trouble seeing a future better than the past.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Incredibly bad news from Canada:

The scandal-plagued, corrupt Liberal Party government of Ontario, which previously had a minority, has now won a majority government.

The issue was resolved by all those voters sucking on the government teat not wanting to stop the gravy. We here are going Greek.

I expect to have a Southern border enforcement issue, just like you guys.

As the Liberals will say: "Let the public funds flow".

I think I will get drunk now.

Paco said...

Bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

Deborah..... Robert, you'll know there's a southern border issue when everything starts going Spanish. Quebec thought they had fights before. Ha! They ain't seen nothin' yet. Good luck!

RebeccaH said...

But Obama still has his wagyu beef, his arugula, and his golf games, so all's right with the world, no?