Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So how did he manage to survive?

Film director Spike Lee recently went on television to claim that the events in Ferguson, MO are emblematic of “America’s war on the black male”.

Presumably Lee was being filmed at a secret location, safe from the hordes of white-robed nightriders who rove our nation’s highways, streets and country lanes, gunning down innocent black Americans with impunity, while basking in the unqualified admiration of their lily-white sympathizers. In fact, Lee’s continued existence is a great mystery. Not only has he managed to survive the genocide, but to thrive as one of Hollywood’s most successful movie directors, accumulating accolades from scores of critics and millions of fans, many of whom seem to be Caucasian, and piling up the kind of wealth that one normally associates with the hated 1%.

How did he do it? What cunning plan enabled Lee to hide in plain sight, especially in his earlier years before he was finally in a position to secure himself in some carefully concealed, out-of-the-way, wretched little shack? Some speculate that Lee eluded detection in his youth by wearing a disguise (perhaps a Pee Wee Herman mask); others say that his diminutive stature and pug-dog face may have enabled him to pass as someone’s household pet. Still others, less scientifically-minded, suggest that he possessed a magical porkpie hat that rendered him invisible.

Or maybe the real key to the mystery is this: it isn’t all white people who are out to subjugate African-Americans, but only a few powerful ones, like the late Lyndon Johnson, whose Great Society promised an expansive safety net that turned out to be a cage, locking millions of blacks into a life of bare subsistence on the dole, cooped up in hell hole ghettos where traditional (and genuine) safety nets like family and community broke down completely, leading to widespread resignation, violence and despair, and constant exploitation by the execrable victim industry that has sprouted up to fan the flames of resentment (and not coincidentally, to line the pockets of its self-appointed leaders). And of course Spike Lee, who was reared in a solidly middle class environment, was spared all of this, and can now indulge his voyeuristic urges to peer into the underside of modern urban life and fantasize that he has something more than simply an outsider’s passing acquaintance with it.


rinardman said...

Seeing as how the black on black murder rate is probably ten times higher than the rate whites kill blacks, I would guess he survived by avoiding inner city black gangs.

Paco said...

I believe that is correct.

RebeccaH said...

I recently saw a statistic on PJMedia: for every black man shot by a cop, 60 black men are murdered by other black men.