Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday funnies

A few more arrests, and this guy's shirt will have one of those infinity images.

Yeah, bad manners can sometimes get you into serious trouble.

World's luckiest man.

You know how it is: somebody parks his car in two spaces, or takes one allocated to you. You want to convey your disapproval. Like this guy did...

More (less congenial) parking complaints can be seen here.

Man fakes his own death to avoid wedding.

Hah! That'll fool 'em...


RebeccaH said...

Remind me to take sidewalk chalk the next time I go shopping. Those parking photos were great!

Robert of Ottawa said...

Not so funny. The Mohammedan candidate

Veeshir said...

On the way into a mall in Braintree, Mass I saw an idiot parking over two spots with his 'sports' car. It was a Chevy Beretta with a deluxe paint job.

It was near Xmas so the lot was packed, we had to park like a half mile away and this idiot had taken up two spots parking diagonally.

On the way out we saw the same car all covered in crap. People had smeared food all over it with a few hotdogs, with mustard and ketchup smashed onto it with other less recognizable stuff.

I always wondered if that idiot learned a lesson.