Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh boy, another community organizer!

Correspondence between Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton surfaces.

Yes, yes. She was young and impressionable then, and now she’s older and wiser. Now, for example, she knows that all that “power to the people” stuff is crap, and that it’s every man for himself woman for herself. So if you’re hyper-ambitious and you don’t have any talent for business or the professions or the arts, then the only outlet remaining for the expression of your massive ego is national politics and the thrill of treating society as if it were your own personal LEGO set. And does anybody seriously suggest that LEGOs have the ability to order themselves? Of course not. They’re just a lot of plastic bricks, serving no function at all without a separate guiding intelligence to assemble them into recognizable structures – according to the exclusive taste of the builder. And you don’t even need an ideology for that. The only thing you need to believe in, if you’re Hillary Clinton, is Hillary Clinton.

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RebeccaH said...

Long ago, when Slick Willie was well into his presidency, some pundit (I forget who) identified the Clintons as Mandarins: imperious, entitled, and greedy for power, and probably money, but power was the compelling motive. I don't see how the Hildebeest has changed her stripes now, despite her oh-so-caring for-the-women-and-children Alinksyite schtick of earlier years. As said of those two now, the ends justify the means, and the ends are Clintonian power.