Thursday, September 4, 2014

So does this mean I’ve got a shot at becoming a Sports Illustrated swimsuit-edition photographer?

Donte Stallworth – 9/11 truther, DWI pedestrian killer and former NFL player – has been hired to cover national security for Huffington Post.

And why not? Al Sharpton, Chelsea Clinton and Ed Schultz get to play commentator on television, and I haven’t seen evidence that any of those three rise above the level of a semi-literate immigrant Pakistani cab driver when it comes to knowledge and wisdom (in fact, that trio falls far below the basic common sense level of most cab drivers – Pakistani and otherwise - I’ve had the privilege of talking to).

Perhaps most relevantly, as Lance at Small Dead Animals says, “I'm like....It’s the Huffington Post.”

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Deborah said...

Paco, no to the Swimsuit edition, but if you redecorate PCC with the appropriate posters (read "shrines) of the prophets Marx, Alinsky, Che, etc, and denounce the evils of America against humanity and Gaia might have a shot at Daily Kos.