Tuesday, September 2, 2014

To hell with that

Filipino soldiers manning a UN outpost in the Golan Heights defy orders to surrender to Syrian rebels, execute a successful escape.


Steve at the Pub said...

Shocking but not surprising action by the UN.
Filipinos are made of rather stern stuff, for some reason this is a surprise to most of the world.

Paco said...

I had always heard that they were - made of stern stuff, that is - so I was merely delighted.

rinardman said...

I dunno, ever hear of the Phillipine's Moro Islamic Liberation Front?

The MILFs?

I need to see a group photo.

Mikael said...

Snippet of radio transmission intercepted by PIA (Paco Intelligence Agency)and later leaked (by me):

[Hardly audible due to sound of intense gunfire and explosions in the background.]

UN commander:
Delta-one-four, this is Unicorn zero-niner. You will stand down as of this momen..

[KABOOOOM. Sound of massive explosion.]
...what the hell was that?

Filipino officer:
What was what? Oh that.. Just another suicide bomber trying to infiltrate my perimeter. Happens all the time. Don't worry about it.


Filipino officer:
Say again, Unicorn zero-niner, say again! Are you ordering me to surrender?

UN Commander:
That is correct. You are to lay down your arms and hoist a white flag. Don't worry, you have my word that the UN General Assembly will dispatch a sternly worded letter to someone, demanding you and your men are to be treated as POW's under the Geneva convention and released at some point. So you are all going to fine. It will all end well.

Filipino officer:
Sir, with all due respect: Go stuff yourself. Out!
[End of transmission.]

You know, I kinda like an officer like that. Back in the day I would have been proud to serve under him.

Paco said...

Mikael: That's been declassified, so it was ok to release it.