Thursday, October 23, 2014


And the lack thereof. Kevin D. Williamson writes about the ominous increase in Gestapo-like raids by militarized police forces, and law enforcement’s apparently casual approach to, among other things, getting addresses right. A taste:
Bobby Griffin Jr. was wanted on murder charges. His next-door neighbor on Peck Street, Joseph Adams, wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the SWAT team from knocking down his door, setting his home on fire, roughing him up, keeping him tied up in his underwear for nearly three hours, and treating the New Haven man, who is gay, to a nance show as officers taunted him with flamboyantly effeminate mannerisms. If the events detailed in Mr. Adams’s recently filed lawsuit are even remotely accurate, the episode was a moral violation and, arguably, a crime.
Yeah, good luck with that lawsuit, Mr. Adams. Especially since the only witnesses were probably just the members of the SWAT team.

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Mikael said...

In the olden days, a crime could be solved bye an officer armed only with a notebook an a pencil. (Just the facts, ma'am)
These days they all have to dress up like Darth Vader.
It's really worrisome.