Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Assortment (Ferguson edition)

For starters, go to Gateway Pundit and just keep scrolling.

The NYT tries its hand at indirect vigilantism (and in the post linked, don't miss Iowahawk's great Tweet).

Good point: where was the National Guard last night?

If a black cop ever shoots a white guy in my neighborhood, I guess it'll be ok if I steal some neckties from Neiman Marcus, right?


bruce said...

Where was the National Guard and why didn't they put them in place before the announcement, or why didn't they announce it in the morning instead of evening, why the delay? It really sounds like spectacular incompetence from someone up the hierarchy, eg: 'Wait don't announce till we have the Guard in place... where's the Guard? Not yet? Oh just announce without them then, and may God help us all...'

Spectacularly blundered lack of coordination.

bruce said...

I mean it sounds like the held off making the announcement waiting for the Guard, which didn't eventuate so the worst possible situation. I don't want to see another Hagel take the blame for this though.

bruce said...


They're showing this pic on our news. See the guy in the middle holding the sign? That 'almasri' Muslim guy isn't it? Black? Looks like he flew in from Gaza. Send the troublemakers back to wherever.

RebeccaH said...

The so-called "protestors" in Ferguson don't actually care about justice, or Michael Brown, or equality. They're all about burning, breaking stuff, stealing, and getting on TV. They don't worry about consequences, because in today's political climate, no one is going to hold them accountable.

Paco said...

And liberals in the government and the media seem to find this kind of violence cathartic (hey it's not their stores that are getting looted).

JeffS said...

No longer is the media mantra "If it bleeds, it leads"; now it's "I want the lead, so make them bleed!"

JeffS said...

Bruce, it's speculation time. From what I know about the Guard and state government, and what little is in the news, it's either sheer incompetence or deliberate malice, or perhaps a mixture of both.

As the Guard was mobilized by the Governor, they would have a command structure in place that leads to the Governor. Given the circumstances, the Guard force should have been in a high state of readiness once the announcement came out, and be available on short notice.

Remember, Guard troops are part-time soldiers. It costs to activate the troops, and have them stand by. This was not a trivial decision, and was made for a very specific purpose. They should have been ready to roll in immediately. The mayor should have had his calls answered by SOMEONE. I can think of several ways that could have been prearranged with the mayor and his command structure, who was CLEARLY ready for that SHTF moment. For example, the Guard could have had a liaison with the Ferguson leadership. Even if that liaison had to remain incognito (i.e., wear civilian clothes, perfectly legal).

Better yet, someone in the State government watching the news (and we all know they were) should have asked, "Has the mayor requested assistance?"

I lean towards the mixture, myself. Incompetence on the part of the Governor, and malice from the Feds.

JorgXMcKie said...

It's okay to steal ties so long as you follow the proper procedures and burn the place down after the thefts [or while you and your buddies are busy stealing the ties].

Paco said...

JXM: Right. Must remember to bring matches.

Gregoryno6 said...

I caught a few minutes of the interview between the officer and that George dude who used to work for Clinton. Reminded me of the smartarse reporter who tried damn hard to goad Tony Abbott into throwing a punch (and damn near succeeded).
The Ageing Blowhard Communists reported the story as white cop who shot and killed a black kid. No comment or quote from the verdict.